Beyond the Book

Some might look at this novel and  see it as an attack on Christianity. That wasn't the intent of the book. The sole intent was fantasy styled entertainment. Many have used the Bible as the basis of some great fiction, and this novel had no different intent. This, like all of T.L's works of fiction, are written for entertainment. But there are always messages contained within the words, this one is no different. Each person is sure to get a different message. The main message is that good should always triumph over evil. Sometimes good and evil aren't always obvious.

A devout Christian friend read the original draft. He came to me after reading the first chapter with concerns. He wasn't sure if he would continue, but for some reason, he did. He said at the end that the story had made him think. He never gave details, but I think it might have been how easy it is for people to be deceived by religious extremists.There are many religions based on the God of Abraham and many different interpretations of the Bible. Those interpretations have done some wonderful things, as well as some that were horrible beyond reason.

Throughout the trilogy there are many antagonists. In the first there are the four Horsemen, but in the following books, some of the nemesis are far more human.

Obadiah is  one of the more interesting characters in the trilogy. He is the vagrant street preacher and Iam's greatest ally.  He plays a much bigger part in the second book, Change(proposed title). He represents how some give up all the material goods tn life to serve their god. Obadiah appears to be insane to most people, but can we be sure?

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