Life for Janice was no different than that for any other teenage girl until she began to question reality.  She found the world wasn't always as it appeared.

Janice Carter had been raised to be a good Christian girl. She found that religion to be much more than she imagined when Lucifer approached her in the park  Her life changed forever after rising from the dead with the ability to walk in the worlds of life and death.

Janice found people and things she had always trusted to now be the enemy. Her world was turned upside down when the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared to spread war and disease around the world. Families turned on each other, neighbor turned on neighbor.With the plague rapidly spreading through her city, she had to, somehow, convince the government and citizens the source was not from this world.

Janice was the only one with the ability to defeat this foe. Family and friends looked to Janice, a simple teenager, for solutions. She carried only one weapon, the truth. The only way to save the world was to convince people to save themselves. 

Follow Janice and her friends through the Heavenly Deception trilogy as Janice and her friends battle the gods..

Heavenly Deception: Truth 
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Excerpt from Heavenly Deception: Truth

A bright smile lined the face of the field reporter as she stood before a changing television screen. It displayed city after city around the world where millions had been cured of the plague, and the mass of people offering their allegiance to the king who had briefly appeared to them. One reporter proclaimed this the greatest day in the history of the planet. Another compared it to the second coming of the Messiah. The excitement had escalated to the point that no politician or leader dared speak against the miracle and the self proclaimed king.
    It would take no more than two days for the total collapse of all power structures around the world. Armies slaughtered those within the power structure that wouldn't join them in their homage to the new king. The desire of man since the beginning of time had come to pass, the world would be ruled by one power. Man had fought and died for thousands of years and never came close to world domination. Wars had raged for centuries in pursuit of this honor, yet this horseman had managed it in only two days.

Excerpt from page 97:
She leaned close and softy asked, “Janice, can you hear me?”
Sure,” she said with a clarity that shouldn't have been possible. Janice slid slightly up in the bed and said, “I’m hungry.”
The doctor’s knees shook and nearly buckled as she clung to the rail that was normally used to protect the patient. Unable to contain herself, she shouted, “My God.”
Janice found the doctor’s hand and asked, “Are you sure it was him?”
Professionalism abandoned the doctor as she looked down at her once fragile patient and wept. She had seen something that was never taught in medical school. Raised Catholic, she grew up hearing about miracles. Never did she imagine seeing one, especially when the recipient suggested, confidently, that it wasn’t God who had worked the miracle.